1. Our new desk. Still moving everything around but this is the current set up.

  2. #hyperlapse outside my window

  3. queenruler:




    Photographer Lalage Snow takes pictures of soldiers’ faces before, during and after the war in Afghanistan.

    jesus christ

    still one of the meaningful pictures on tumblr for me.

    Respect for this to hold so much meaning

    (via tween)

  4. (Source: vanilla-cloudberry, via tween)

  5. aedison:

    Can’t stop / Won’t stop making .gifs out of my friend’s Facebook pics.

  7. The Howard Franklin bridge at sunset. It will always stay in my memories.

  8. WIRLD CUP FINAL!!! (at Foo Dog: Asian Street Food)

  10. About to ride this insane thing #intimidator305 (at Intimidator 305)

  11. at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

  13. We saw the Presedent! (at The White House)

  14. typostrate:

    Music and Type 1

    Cover Art made by Bendik Kaltenborn and music by Todd Terje with Preben goes to Acapulco from the Album It’s Album Time. The norwegian musician is one of the top guys making NuDisco and house music.

    While Bendik is a designer and typographer from Oslo doing funny illustrations for magazines and musicians. Enjoy this tune!

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